Divine Healing Saffron

FDA Registered Facilities.

Packed in the USA

Product of Herat, Afghanistan

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International Taste Institute Awarded Divine Healing Saffron with Superior Taste Award.

World's Best Saffron!!

Alan Coxon,  "It seems only right to produce vibrant plate of food in such a setting using top quality ingredients in the form of this Divine Healing Saffron! It has stunning aroma and flavor too."

The International Taste and Quality Institute has rated Herat, Afghanistan Saffron #1. They award Divine Healing Saffron with Superior Taste Award. In the province of Herat, city of Ghorian, the threads of saffron grows long and thick. Good crop production demands a cool dry climate with well drained rich fertile soil and irrigation facilities or sufficient amount of rain fall. The flowers are generally harvested during the early morning hours and soon the stigmas are separated, allowed to dry, and packed for marketing. 
Saffron has a distinct flavor because of the chemical components, picrocrocin and safranal. It also contains a natural carotenoid chemical compound, crocin, which gives saffron its golden-yellow hue. These traits

along with its medicinal properties make it a valuable ingredient in many foods worldwide.

Quality is our Priority. Each thread is carefully picked and studied to provide world's Premium Saffron.