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Divine Healing Saffron will support women, by providing them with jobs and giving them a chance to live free of abuse.

Let's stop Suffering and start Saffron Mood Booster.

Divine Healing Saffron contributes 11% of its profit to prevent Physical Abuse of Women and Children  in Afghanistan.

Stress, anxiety, suffering, pain, etc. don't need a visa or passport to travel. They don't need special climate or skin color to grow. They are gifted to us with the package of LIFE. I found more people in the western world suffering from these negative thoughts, not sure if more knowledge is related to human suffering. Saffron heals the mind with positive thoughts and calmness. Like a warm morning breeze "Saffron's aroma" can heal your scars and bring a smile to your tired face. Add Saffron and begin laughing. Saffron heals everyone who deserves to live a happy life. 

Women and children have been victims of physical abuse for centuries. In the civilized advanced countries there are laws written to protect people from physical abuse. Unfortunately in a country like Afghanistan, which has been a battlefield for more than four decades, there is no mercy for victims of physical abuse. We want to put a stop to this inhuman act. By creating jobs for young girls, widows, mothers, and providing funds for children to join school- we can bring an end to physical abuse, by empowering the weak. Divine Healing Saffron shall heal the wounds of physically abused women and children by contributing 11% of its profit toward ending this inhuman act.

At dawn the beautiful flower opens with a smile to heal the mind of those who can't enjoy life the way they deserve to.  The flower needs attention, and must be picked by hand carefully in order not to damage its three red stigmas Saffron - Nature's most beautiful gift to mankind.

We are hiring needy women to pick our Saffron, and heal their wounds by telling then "We care."

Empowering the weak to stand for their human rights, is our goal!

Stop Growing Opium! Start Saffron!

Afghanistan is the world’s leading producer of opium/heroin. Heroin one of the worst drugs of all. Every year the number of younger kids getting involved in drugs is increasing. To prevent people from using heroin "Opium" growth must be destroyed. 

Just in the province of Herat more than 70,000 people are addicted to heroin, including babies. Poverty leaves farmers with no other choice than to grow Opium which is in high demand in the international market. Farming Saffron, can bring 2-3 times more profit than opium. Our goal is to help farmers grow more Saffron & stop growing Opium forever!! By replacing opium with Saffron we are also supporting women and children who are physically abused by drug addicts. Let's create a DRUG-FREE world, and replace every single Poppy flower with Saffron.

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Business is not about Profit,


It's about creating jobs,


helping those in need,


supporting the less-fortunate ones,

it's all about "Giving."

Divine Healing Saffron

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